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GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Download Latest Version APK Update July 2024 | Official

Reliable and Safe (Official Website)

Platform: Android 5.0+ | Size: 69MB | Updated: 1 Day ago

GB WhatsApp

About GB WhatsApp 2024

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp, often referred to as GB WA, is a famous WA Mods. It steps into a realm of unparalleled user experiences, boasting incredible advanced features that will leave you awe-inspired. With GB WhatsApp 2024 Download, you’re in control – from top-tier security to boundless customization options, dazzling themes, and a wealth of features. Discover the exciting world of GB WhatsApp latest version with us. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to embrace this remarkable app with enthusiasm!

GB WhatsApp 2024, the renowned modification of the original WhatsApp, takes your messaging experience to the next level. Packed with advanced and professional features, it offers a treasure trove of benefits — Say goodbye to the standard, monotonous user interface of the official WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp 2024 opens the door to a world of possibilities, boasting an array of themes, customization options, limitless font styles, and an extensive wallpaper collection.

But that’s just the beginning. GB WhatsApp enables you to send multiple and larger files, manage multiple accounts on a single device, and unveils a wealth of additional features that truly set it apart. It’s no wonder GB WhatsApp 2024 is becoming increasingly popular among savvy users!

The Developers Behind GB WhatsApp 2024 Latest Version

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp latest version is available in two versions – GB WhatsApp V17.85, developed by Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods, and GB WhatsApp V10.10, crafted by FouadMods. These versions share a wealth of similar features, making them a compelling choice for a wide array of users, from technology enthusiasts and privacy-conscious individuals to those seeking personalized chat experiences.

GB WhatsAppGB WhatsApp V17.85GB WhatsApp V10.10
R&D TeamAlexmods | Heymods | Sam ModsFouadMods
Size69 MB69 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 5.1 and aboveAndroid 5.1 and above
MOD FeaturesFree DownloadFree Download
Download Download V17.85 Download v10.10

Certainly, you have the liberty to select the version that aligns best with your unique requirements and usage preferences. Both iterations ensure a seamless messaging experience and place a paramount focus on safeguarding your data. The time has come to embark on your GB WhatsApp download journey, enhancing and elevating your messaging encounters.

GB WhatsApp V17.85 Changelog

  • Fixed ✅ Version Expired
  • Improved ✅ Anti-Ban Protection

GB WhatsApp V10.10 Changelog

  • Fixed ✅ Random crash in some chats/groups
  • Fixed ✅ Crash when opening Story
  • Fixed ✅ Other minor bug fixes and improvements

GB WhatsApp 2024 VS WhatsApp 2024

GB WhatsApp

In the current iteration of GB WhatsApp, it has evolved beyond being a mere alternative to the original WhatsApp and has now risen as the preferred choice among many users. In the subsequent comparison table, we dissect the commonalities and distinctions between GB WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp, shedding light on why an increasing number of users are gravitating toward the GB WhatsApp latest version as their primary messaging platform.

FeaturesGB WhatsApp 2024WhatsApp 2024
Streamlining Automation Features
Auto ReplyGB WhatsApp yesNO
Mass Message SenderGB WhatsApp yesNO
Scheduled MessagesGB WhatsApp yesNO
Enhanced Privacy & Security
Hide Double TicksGB WhatsApp yesNO
Anti-Revoke MessageGB WhatsApp yesNO
Save View Once MediaGB WhatsApp yesNO
Elevate Status Functionality
Post Voice StatusGB WhatsApp yesNO
Anti-Delete StatusGB WhatsApp yesNO
Status DownloaderGB WhatsApp yesNO
Release Customization Options
Transparent ThemeGB WhatsApp yesNO
Chat Bubble StylesGB WhatsApp yesNO
Icon PacksGB WhatsApp yesNO
Break Media File Size Barriers
Broadcasting Messages1024 Contacts256 Contacts
Maximum Video Status Duration5 Minutes30 Seconds
Video & Audio File Size1G16 MB
Efficient Chat Management
Group Admin IndicatorGB WhatsApp yesNO
Group ManagementGB WhatsApp yesNO
Message Forwarding OptionsGB WhatsApp yesNO

GB WhatsApp Update Main Features

GB WhatsApp

Streamlining Automation Features

Auto Reply

Automate responses to messages efficiently.

Mass Message Sender

Easily send messages to multiple contacts without limitations.

Scheduled Messages

Plan and send messages at your convenience.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

Hide Double Ticks

Maintain privacy by concealing read receipts.

Anti-Delete Message

Even if the other party revokes the message, you still have the right to be able to see it.

Save View Once Media

Save media that was sent with the ‘View Once’ feature.

Elevate Status Functionality

Post Voice Status

Share voice status updates.

Anti-Delete Status

Preserve status updates even if deleted.

Status Downloader

Saves a friend’s status update, whether it’s a picture, video or sound.

Release Customization Options

Transparent Theme

Apply a transparent theme for a unique look.

Chat Bubble Styles

Personalize chat bubbles to your liking.

Icon Packs

Customize your app’s icons with various packs.

Break Media File Size Barriers

Broadcasting Messages

Effectively share broadcast messages to up to 1042 contacts.

Maximum Video Status Duration

Share up to five minutes of video status updates.

Video & Audio File Size

Enjoy larger file size limits. Now even if you want to send a 1GB file, GB WhatsApp latest version can do it.

Efficient Chat Management

Group Admin Indicator

Easily identify group administrators.

Group Management

Streamline group interactions.

Message Forwarding Options

Choose how messages are forwarded.

These advanced functionalities have been meticulously crafted to elevate and refine your messaging experience, placing a paramount emphasis on privacy and personalization. GB WhatsApp Update 2024 offers distinct features that set it apart from the original WhatsApp. Importantly, these unique features do not impede your contacts using the official WhatsApp from viewing your voice statuses. The original WhatsApp lacks access to these specific features, but when you employ them through the GB WhatsApp latest version, they remain fully visible to users of the official WhatsApp platform.

How to Download GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp

Step 1: Prepare for Installation

Before you proceed, consider these preliminary steps!

  • Back Up Your WhatsApp Data (Optional): If you are already using the official WhatsApp and wish to preserve your chat history, it’s advisable to make a backup. Open WhatsApp, go to “Settings,” select “Chats,” and tap on “Chat backup.” This will save your chats and media to your device or your preferred cloud storage.

Step 2: GB WhatsApp APK Download

  • Visit a Trusted Source: Ensure that you download GB WhatsApp APK from the official GB WhatsApp website – Beware of unofficial or suspicious websites to protect your device’s security.

Step 3: Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

  • Access Device Settings: Navigate to your device’s settings menu.
  • Security or Privacy Settings: Within the settings menu, locate the “Security” or “Privacy” section, where you will find various security-related options.
  • Enable ‘Unknown Sources’: In the security or privacy settings, look for the option that allows the installation of apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ or ‘Install from Unknown Sources.’ Enable this option to permit the installation of apps not obtained from official app stores.

Step 4: Install GB WhatsApp

  • Locate the APK File: Find the GB WhatsApp Download APK in your device’s “Downloads” folder or wherever you saved it.
  • Initiate Installation: Tap on the GB WhatsApp Download APK to start the installation process.

Step 5: Verify Your Phone Number

  • Open GB WhatsApp: After successful installation, open GB WhatsApp from your device’s app drawer.
  • Phone Number Verification: GB WhatsApp will prompt you to verify your phone number. Ensure that you use the same phone number you use for your official WhatsApp account.

Step 6: Restore Chat Backup (Optional)

  • Chat Backup Detection: GB WhatsApp may detect any chat backups you made in the official WhatsApp application. If detected, it will ask if you want to restore your chat history. You can choose to restore your chats and media.

Step 7: Complete the Setup

  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: Proceed through the setup process, which may include customizing your profile, adjusting privacy settings, and configuring additional preferences.

Step 8: Start Using GB WhatsApp

  • Enjoy GB WhatsApp: Once the setup is complete, you can start using GB WhatsApp with its enhanced features and customization options.

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application and users are advised to preferably download it from the official website. It is also recommended to keep your version of GB WhatsApp up-to-date to ensure access to the latest features and security updates.

GB WhatsApp Update with Reliable Methods

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp, a modified version of WhatsApp Messenger, is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, the process of updating GB WhatsApp while preserving your chat, media, call logs, and other data is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide for users in different scenarios which ensures that you can keep your GB WhatsApp up to date without losing your valuable data:

For GB WhatsApp Users with the Official Version:

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp app you intend to upgrade.
  2. Click on the app icon and access ‘Mods’ from the menu.
  3. Navigate to ‘Update Settings.’
  4. Choose the update option labeled ‘Web Download.’
  5. Open it using your preferred web browser.
  6. You will now be directed to the official GB WhatsApp website at, where you can securely get latest GB WhatsApp APK download directly from the official source!
  7. Follow the installation steps for GB WhatsApp.
  8. Wait for the update process to complete, ensuring your GB WhatsApp is up to date.

For GB WhatsApp Users with Versions from Unofficial Sources or New Users:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Download GB WhatsApp Update.
  3. Follow the installation steps for GB WhatsApp.
  4. Allow time for the update process to finish.

Important Note: You do not need to uninstall GB WhatsApp previous version when updating. The GB WhatsApp Update will automatically overwrite the existing version on your device.

Why Does It Fail to Install GB WhatsApp for Me?

GB WhatsApp

There may be various reasons why you are facing difficulties while trying to install GB WhatsApp. The table below lists some common problems and solutions for you:

Common Problemssolutions
Unknown Sources Not EnabledMake sure you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” or “Install from Unknown Sources” option in your device settings. This option allows you to install apps from sources other than the official app shop.
Corrupt GB WhatsApp APKMake sure you have downloaded GB WhatsApp APK from this official website. Corrupted or modified APK file may cause installation failure.
Insufficient SpaceMake sure your device has enough storage space to accommodate the installation. If your device storage is full, the installation may fail.
Incompatible Device or Operating System VersionThe GB WhatsApp latest version may not be compatible with all Android devices and versions. Verify that your device and Android version meet the requirements of GB WhatsApp latest version.
Error During Download or TransferIf you transfer the APK from another device or if there is an error during the download, the file may be corrupted. Please visit this website directly on your mobile phone to download GB WhatsApp APK or to ensure a reliable transfer.
Devices With Root PrivilegesIn some cases, devices with root privileges may interfere with app installation. Try installing on an unrooted device. GB WhatsApp installation does not require your device to be rooted.
GB WhatsApp Download Old VersionMake sure you have the GB WhatsApp Download latest version. Outdated versions can be problematic, so please download the latest version.

How to Create a Backup and Restore it in WhatsApp GB

GB WhatsApp

To ensure a smooth transition from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, it’s essential to create a backup of your conversations in the former and restore them in the latter. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide:

Creating a Backup

  • Open WhatsApp on your device. Tap the icon located in the top right corner to access the menu, and then go to ‘Settings.’
  • Within the ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘Chats.’
  • Now, tap ‘Chat backup’ to initiate the backup process.
  • Press the green ‘Backup’ button to create a backup of your conversations and save it to your device’s internal storage.

Renaming WhatsApp Folders for GB WhatsApp Compatibility

  • After completing the backup in WhatsApp, open your device’s file manager.
  • Locate the ‘WhatsApp’ folder in your system directory. Press and hold this folder for a few seconds until a menu appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the menu, select the ‘Rename’ option and rename the ‘WhatsApp’ folder to ‘GB WhatsApp.’
  • If there are any subfolders within the ‘WhatsApp’ folder, perform the same renaming operation for each of them.

Restoring the Backup in GB WhatsApp

  • With the folder renaming complete, proceed to download and install GB WhatsApp on your device.
  • Upon opening GB WhatsApp for the first time, you will see a red button for restoring backups. Do not use this button.
  • Instead, when verifying your phone number in GB WhatsApp, you may encounter an option to copy the restored data. Avoid using this option as well. Simply verify your phone number.
  • GB WhatsApp will request permission to access your phonebook and contacts; grant this permission.
  • After verifying your number, GB WhatsApp will detect the backup folder and display its date and size.
  • Tap ‘Restore’ to initiate the restoration process.
  • Wait for a few moments as all your data is copied and integrated.
  • Once the process is complete, you will see a notification indicating that your data has been successfully imported.
  • Press ‘Next’ to complete your profile configuration in GB WhatsApp.
  • You can now continue your WhatsApp conversations seamlessly, using GB WhatsApp and enjoying its additional features.

This comprehensive guide allows you to create a backup of your WhatsApp Messenger data and transition it to GB WhatsApp, ensuring a hassle-free switch between the two applications as needed.

GB WhatsApp New Version Screenshots

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp FAQs

GB WhatsApp

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

It is completely safe to download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version from the official website.

Is GB WhatsApp legal?

Of course, the GB WhatsApp download provided by this website is legal.

Is it free to download GB WhatsApp?

Yes, you can get GB WhatsApp Free Download link through this website.

Can I download more than one WA Mods on the same mobile phone?

Of course, you can, after downloading GB WhatsApp, you can also download other WA Mods on your mobile phone. even, if you want, you can use both original WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp 2024.

How to use GB WhatsApp?

Obtain the Latest GB WhatsApp APK from the Official Website, install it, and proceed with phone number verification (or log in to your existing WhatsApp account, if preferred). Navigate GB WhatsApp as you would with the standard WhatsApp application, and delve into the exclusive features and customized settings that GB WhatsApp offers. Additionally, stay informed by regularly visiting the official website, which provides insightful blogs about GB WhatsApp’s features and offers valuable tips to enhance your experience.

For What Purpose is GB WhatsApp Utilized?

GB WhatsApp is a widely recognized modified iteration of the standard WhatsApp application, offering a multitude of additional features that enhance its functionality beyond the basic version. This application incorporates advanced features, including heightened privacy options, enhanced messaging capabilities, Anti-Ban safeguards, DND (Do Not Disturb) mode, among others.

Is GB WhatsApp Identical to WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp distinguishes itself as a modified rendition of the official WhatsApp application. While both share core functionality, GB WhatsApp APK extends its offerings with supplementary features and an enhanced array of customization options that surpass the capabilities of the standard WhatsApp application.

Can GB WhatsApp hide messages?

Indeed, GB WhatsApp provides the capability to hide messages effectively. Here are the precise steps to accomplish this:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the specific chat you wish to hide.
  • Step 2: Long-press the chat until it’s selected.
  • Step 3: Find the hamburger icon at the screen’s upper part.
  • Step 4: Choose ‘Hide’ from the menu options that appear on your display.
  • Step 5: The application will prompt you to set a security pattern.
  • Step 6: After establishing the pattern, your chat will be securely concealed

Can Deleted Statuses Be Viewed on GB WhatsApp?

Indeed, within GB WhatsApp Download New version, if you’ve deleted a status, it remains accessible to individuals on your contact list, as long as the status was removed within 24 hours of posting.


At, we are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate experience of the famous mod of WhatsApp— As a leading platform, we offer a convenient download link for latest version on our website. By bookmarking our site, you can easily access future updates of at any time.

If you have any feedback or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by using the Contact Us option or following our social media channels.

Last Words

GB WhatsApp

To conclude, GB WhatsApp 2024 shines as an exceptional messaging solution. Its unique feature additions and robust security measures exemplify the commitment to excellence. Moreover, setting up the application is uncomplicated, with no need for intricate technical expertise. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly download and install GB WhatsApp APK latest version on your Android device with just a few clicks. Waste no time and secure GB WhatsApp Download 2024 via this official platform today!

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